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Welcome to our family farm. This is where we love to be, working with cattle and hanging out with family & friends.

Watch for our upcoming activities and events at the farm.

New Year. New Beginnings.

Apr 5, 2018

I know, I know. I skipped right through Fall and Winter and here we are again, back at a new year and new beginnings.  Just picture with me, a Nascar track, cars racing over 100mph, in what can seem like a never-ending circle. That basically sums up the fall & winter Holiday season around here. […]

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A Summer's Eve

Jun 16, 2017

Hello Again..... We have been blessed with a healthy and successful calving season this year! Things can always get a little hairy and stressful in the thick of calving, trying to keep track of all the new calves each day and making sure they are progressing as normal. My husband and I recently moved from […]

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A Farm Spring

Mar 31, 2017

Sunlight dancing across heavy dew laden fields. Sprigs of green dotting the hills and trees. Song birds a-singin'. All signs of new life and a new Spring season on the farm. Personally, Spring is probably my favorite season, even with all of the rain it brings,'s not SNOW!  It’s so fun to watch the […]

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2016 Roping

Jul 2, 2016

A few weeks ago we had our annual event of cutting the calves.  Owner (Dad) Bob Yoder loves to do this a little differently.  He invites all his horse-loving buddies and they saddle up for the evening.  They use the horses to round up the cows and calves, separate them, cut the calves and send […]

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Baling Hay

May 26, 2016
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The Second Set of twins this year!

Apr 15, 2016

The momma had a little trouble but with our help all are safe and sound!

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Calving Season at the Farm!

Apr 15, 2016
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