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All Natural Beef

Our "Farm to Table Operation" is based on four key elements:

Natural Nutrition

Our cattle are fed a 100% all-natural vegetarian diet. Our cattle feed has no animal by-products, no steroids, no stimulants, no added growth hormones, no antibiotic feed additives, and no artificial chemicals to induce weight gain. Our beef are fed with our all-natural grain and free choice forages (grass/hay).

Genetic Characteristics

Our preferred genetics for grain-fed beef is a mix of Limousin crossed with Angus. Limousins are prized for their outstanding flavor and tenderness. Angus meat is made famous because of the excellent marbling, high fat content and good flavor.

Animal Comfort

Small herds, fed by hand. Healthy pastures, clean, fresh water and enclosed shelters provide a comfortable environment. When it is time to put on the last pounds for market, our cattle are moved to local feed lots that hold less than 100 head, and are fed by hand.


Our meats are naturally aged, fully federally inspected and carefully monitored throughout the processing procedure to ensure top quality meat. This process naturally produces a buttery tenderness with more natural meat flavor and retains more meat juices than any other method. The entire beef hangs in a refrigerated cooler with strict temperature and humidity control. The hang time is judged according to the amount of fat cover that is on the animal and normally ranges from 7-14 days. The key effect of dry aging is the concentration and saturation of the natural flavor.

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Our Beef Facts

-NO animal by-products

-NO steroids/added growth hormones

-NO stimulants

-NO artificial chemicals

-NO antibiotics