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About Us

About Yoder's Meat & Cheese Company

4 Generations of Family Business

Four generations of experience in meat cutting and raising cattle have made us who we are today. Yoder's Meat & Cheese Company has been serving the Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana area with premium quality meats and food products for 50 years. When owner Robert Yoder's grandfather Amos was 17 years old, sometime in the early 1920s, he worked as a drover on a cattle drive from Colorado to Oklahoma. Though we can't be sure, we like to think that's where the seed was planted, where our love of working with cattle to produce top-quality beef began. In any case, when Amos "Butch" Yoder returned to Shipshewana, Indiana, he continued working with beef, passing his passion on to his son Perry "Butch" Yoder, who founded Yoder's Butchering & Processing in 1960 at the SR 4 location, five miles east of Goshen, IN. In 1972 he purchased the present location in Shipshewana, IN, on SR 5 next to the Flea Market and Auction Barn. The entire operation was moved to Shipshewana after fire destroyed the SR 4 location in 1992. Current owners Robert "Bob" Yoder, son of Perry, and his sisters Fern & Rosanna are the third generation in the family owned and operated business. The fourth generation, Bob's son Dustin, is also now involved in the day to day operations.

Quality Standards

A stiff criteria is emphasized for the beef that are chosen including the size, weight and feed of the cattle. The beef are raised locally, then processed, packaged, and retailed at one location. Bob takes a hand's-on approach and personally oversees this process. Yoder's Meat & Cheese Company is a full USDA inspected company, maintaining the highest standard of food sanitation and safety operations.

Mission Statement

To be a company of integrity striving to provide quality wholesome foods with outstanding customer service.

Simple Principles of Business

We operate on a simple basic principle of good business - give the customers premium quality meat, at reasonable prices, with the best service every time, and they will not only return, but tell their friends. It is the wholesome, naturally aged, flavorful beef, frozen, packaged and showcased in our self-serve freezer that now attracts customers from a 230 mile radius!

Yoder’s is small enough to ensure quality yet large enough to serve the community.



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Current owners: Rosanna, Bob & Fern
Current owners: Rosanna, Bob & Fern
The Bob Yoder Family - Shipshewana IN
The Bob Yoder Family
Great Grandfather Amos Yoder  •  Grandfather Perry Yoder
Great Grandfather Amos Yoder • Grandfather Perry Yoder