Grain Fed


Grain Fed Beef

Our Grain Fed Beef Program

is based on Four key elements:

Rounding up the Cattle for our annual Ranch Round Up.

• Natural Nutrition

Our cattle are fed a 100% all-natural vegetarian diet. Our cattle feed has no animal by-products, no steroids, no stimulants, no added growth hormones, no antibiotic feed additives, and no artificial chemicals to induce weight gain. Our beef are fed with our all natural grain and free choice forages (grass/hay).

• Animal Comfort

Small herds, fed by hand. Healthy pastures, clean, fresh water and enclosed shelters provide a comfortable environment. After our calves are old enough they are moved to local feedlots that hold less than 100 head and are fed by hand. Our cattle are raised locally by our family farm and other local farms. Our Hands-On approach allows us to control the entire process of raising and producing healthy beef, with the ultimate in quality, flavor, and tenderness, with just a moderate amount of fat.

 • Genetic Characteristics

Our preferred genetics for grain fed beef is a mix of Limousine crossed with Angus. Limousines are prized for their outstanding flavor and tenderness. Angus meat is made famous because of the excellent marbling and good flavor.

• Dry Aging

Yoder's meats are naturally aged, fully federally inspected and carefully monitored throughout the aging and processing procedure to ensure top Quality Meat. This process naturally produces a buttery tenderness with more natural meat flavor and retains more meat juices than any other method. The entire beef hangs in a refrigerated cooler with strict temperature and humidity control. The hang time is judged according to the amount of fat cover that is on the animal and normally ranges from 7 to 14 days. The key effect of dry aging is the concentration and saturation of the natural flavor.

Of course, our all natural, grain fed beef contain:

• NO animal by-products    • NO steroids/added growth hormones   • NO stimulants     • NO artificial chemicals    • NO antibiotics

Our Farm

Yoder Land & Cattle Company is owned and operated by our family. At the farm, we operate with a cow and calf operation. Every year our herd of cows have calves, which then get moved to our local feedlots along with other calves we may purchase from local farmers who also do a cow-calf operation.

Our Feedlots

After our calves are old enough they are moved to local feedlots that hold less than 100 head. Our feedlots provide our calves with a comfortable environment that includes: fresh, clean water, shelter, a dry place to lay down, and plenty of space per calf.

The Facts

• 80% of U.S. raised beef have added hormones. 

• Many beef are implanted with hormones to induce weight gain. These implants cause 35% decline in fertility rates in both male and female cattle. 

• The feed additive ractopamine hydrochloride is widely used in beef, pork, and turkey. It's label states that when mixing you must wear protective clothing including protective eyewear, impervious gloves, and in NIOSH approved dust mask, and you must wash thoroughly after mixing. If it is dangerous for us to touch how can we feed it to the animals that we eat?
Most countries around the world have banned the use of the substance including mainland China, Russia, and the European Union. However, the US allows it based on one human study of six people, which one subject dropped out because of adverse effects!