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Our Store

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Our Store

Our store is where the farm comes to you! Bringing the finest quality foods from our farms and other farmers to your  table with excellent customer service.

We have a wide selection of products to choose from to fit your everyday needs, including 150 cuts of meat, over 100 varieties of cheese, a full line of in-house smoked meats, a deli, jams and jellies, candy, salsas, popcorn, canned goods, and much more!


Retail Market

Our retail store has provided meat from the farm through four generations. Great Grandfather Amos Yoder started processing his cattle for local markets and the continued need for quality farm fresh meats have kept our operation growing, resulting in our current retail market that now offers a wide variety of wholesome foods from not only our own farm but other producers both locally and throughout the Midwest.

Farm To Table

We strongly identify with the farm to table (or farm to fork) movement, as this has been our heritage. We are always seeking to bring about a closer connection between our customers and the food that they feed their families. Check out our Facebook page for news, and upcoming events.

Certified Organic Processing Facility

Over the years as the demand for our meats grew, we've had to continually update our meat processing operation to stay within state and federal regulations. At one point the USDA required every certified facility to do a bacteria reduction step that required the use of harsh chemicals. Concerned about the health risks, we developed a process of using steaming hot water versus chemicals to reduce the bacteria. We were so successful that the USDA sent inspectors to observe our process, being skeptical of what we were doing. We became the first USDA facility in the nation to use a hot water treatment to minimize bacteria instead of chemicals. This process has now become an industry standard.  We are both a USDA certified and Organic certified meat processor in Indiana.   

Examining the status of our dry aging process.