Wood planks

New Year. New Beginnings.

I know, I know. I skipped right through Fall and Winter and here we are again, back at a new year and new beginnings.  Just picture with me, a Nascar track, cars racing over 100mph, in what can seem like a never-ending circle. That basically sums up the fall & winter Holiday season around here. Also, throw into that mix that my husband & I found out we are expecting our first baby & we're doing a full house remodel. Is that enough to excuse my absence of posting? We spend most of our time in the retail store during those months, well, us women folk anyways, there seem to be a few tree stands filled by our husbands 😊 The last quarter of the year for us as you can imagine, is filled with turkeys coming out of our ears and gift boxes piled so high we're lucky to find our way out of the maze each night to make it home. Moral of the Story: We survived!

Calving season has officially begun, and we are all so excited about it. New life, new weather, new growth, there's just something about it. We all make more and more trips out in the fields in hopes of getting to watch a birth and keeping an eye on the health of the Mommas & Calves. I am so blessed to have found a husband that loves the outdoors and farm life as much as me. We consider it a real date when we get to drive the ATVs across the fields and pick out our favorite newbies. However, It has been a personal struggle for me that I seem to juuuuuust miss out on all the births. I mean, I was born and raised on this farm and the only birth I have gotten to experience was at our 4-H fair at the birthing tent with my nieces. Seriously, how lame is that?! It's getting ridiculous. The other day we happened upon a Momma licking her still wet, new calf. We probably missed it by a few minutes. Nothing can get me in a mood more than my husband and dad calling me throughout the day to tell me about all the births they've gotten to see or assist with. It's become so fun for them to cause me distress. Obviously, I have a real complex with this issue. #FarmGirlProbs Thankfully, we are just at the beginning of the season. I am determined to get this goal accomplished this year, even if I have to pitch a tent and camp out in the pasture.

One of our first grouping of calves, we had a little abandoned calf. While we never want to see a mama refuse her calf, I do so love bottle feeding them and how cuddly and affectionate new calves are. Everyone got in on the job of feeding, even the youngest ones of the Yoder clan had Grandpa teach them how to bottle feed. After a couple of weeks, we had another mama cow lose her calf, so we penned her and 'Little Buddy' up together, and she has since claimed him as her own. A Great outcome for all! In a month or two I will be back to update you on how the rest of the season went and give you and overload of springtime on the farm photos! 😊 We just pray for healthy calves and good Mommas each day.

Now, Enjoy a few photos of our newest additions!

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