Half Beef

If you choose to order a half or whole beef, you will enjoy the best value, and greatest ability to customize your order. You get to choose how thick you want your Steaks, what cuts you want, what Roasts you want, and what you want made into Ground Beef. We will help walk you through the process of doing your cutting instructions!

You will receive about 190 – 200 pounds of packaged meat.190 – 200 pounds of meat will take up about 50% of a large upright freezer (20 cu.ft.)

$1,479.00 – Free Shipping

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship

**If you’re thinking about purchasing a quarter of beef, maybe get a friend to go in with you and get a half beef for a better value. When you purchase a Half Beef you can make everything exactly how you would like it and it costs less per pound!

  • Recommended for large families with 2 adults and hungry kids
  • Each package is flash frozen and double wrapped. We do this to maintain freshness and quality when you open each package
  • Custom Cut to your specifications. We will help you with this, it’s easy with our years of expertise!
  • This will be shipped in 4 boxes and will need to be immediately put in the freezer upon delivery.
  • $7.40 per pound for Steaks, Roasts, and Ground Beef.