Fresh Blender Lemonade

Fresh Blender Lemonade
Yields 1
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  1. 3 Lemons
  2. 3/4-1 cup sugar
  3. Water
  4. Ice
  1. Fill a gallon pitcher half full with ice and the sugar.
  2. Cut off ends of lemons and discard.
  3. Put one lemon (cut into chunks) in blender with 1-1 1/2 cups water.
  4. Pulse for 3-4 seconds.
  5. Pour into strainer over ice and sugar.
  6. Repeat with remaining lemons.
  7. Stir and add water to fill pitcher.
  8. Stir well.
  1. If the taste is bitter, add a dash of salt.
  2. For a special presentation, coat the glass rims with our Lemon Sugar recipe.
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